Onsite Expertise for Sustainable Success

Are you able to measure the success and effectiveness of your patient registration and point-of-service collections functions?

The skills with which registrars capture and verify patient information accurately, conduct sensitive financial conversations with patients, and then move patients through to their clinical destinations quickly has a large impact on both business success and patient satisfaction.  

At PatientMatters, we view the registrar skills training, technology adoption, workflow development, use of best practices, and ongoing training and coaching to enhance patient engagements as critical success factors. Our approach is to provide onsite expertise in the form of a part-time Onsite Director

Getting to know your Onsite Director

The onsite director is part-time resource whose charge is to grow and sustain guaranteed results and help you get the most from your staff. The director spends one week per month onsite at the client facility and is available via phone or email the remaining weeks.

The onsite director augments hospital registration staff and managers by providing continued training and coaching, customized workflows, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Onsite Director - Qualifications: 

  • Revenue Cycle Management industry experience – 10+ years
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college and a minimum of 7 years experience, or 15 years on-the-job experience encompassing all revenue cycle segments 
  • Current member of NAHAM, HFMA and AAHAM or AHIMA – stays current in the industry

Onsite Director - Key Responsibilities designed to sustain improvement and maintain PatientMatters guarantees:

  • Defines Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Continued staff education and coaching
  • Identifies root causes to barriers, recommendations corrective action that will overcome the impediments to desired outcomes including optimizing workflows
  • Monitors outcomes from team and individual staff members, workflow design and implementation to improve staff and revenue performance and patient financial experience improvement
  • Communicates with executive team and other departments impacting collections 

Can an onsite director help you with your technology adoption, resistance to organizational changes, or staff productivity challenges? We’d be glad to share how we can help you tackle these issues. Chat with us now using the chat box on the bottom right corner of your screen.