Building High-Performance Registration Teams

Enhancing registration staff engagement and productivity through custom training, user-friendly tools and technology, best practice guides, and onsite resources.

What would it mean to your organization...

If the clinical and financial components of care melded together to create one perfectly formed patient healthcare experience? 

This view of the perfect patient experience will enhance patient satisfaction and the bottom line. The financial aspect of care should not be put aside as it is an essential component of a positive patient experience.

  • For patients, the financial side of healthcare is often the most confusing, frustrating and stressful aspect of care. This part of the experience usually begins at registration, where providers should—but often fail to—put their best foot forward. 
  • For the registration staff and business office, conversations about payment obligations and collections are often vague and uncomfortable. 

The typical approach is to have the same conversations with every patient regardless of their financial situation. The result is disgruntled patients, frustrated staff, and low point-of-service (POS) collections.

Training and Tools for Registration Staff Productivity - Often the Missing Piece

A better approach is to provide registration staff with accurate bill estimation tools, a full view of patients'/guarantors' financial information and guidance on how to tailor conversations to individual circumstances.  When armed with these tools, information, and proper skills positive results occur: 

  • Staff productivity goes up
  • Patients are more satisfied and tend to pay more 
  • Providers dramatically increase POS cash collections and payment plan usage

Delivering this level of customization and service requires robust technology implementation and support, data integration, defined workflows and a well-trained staff. Continued training is particularly critical.

The IntelliFlow® Approach to the Perfect Patient Financial Experience

The PatientMatters IntelliFlow®, included in the IntelliPass® System, builds high-performance registration teams for sustainable success with a mix of training, customizable guided workflows, best practice resources and tools, and onsite expertise. This goes well beyond typical technology implementation and gets to the heart of the personalized approach.


Onsite Expertise

We know how difficult it can be to achieve and sustain dramatic patient access performance improvements when technology, processes, people, and organizational structure are in the mix.

To address these challenges head on, we augment your staff with a part-time Onsite Director who is responsible for growing and sustaining guaranteed results with your staff, including:

  • Monitors client’s outcomes and helps reach or exceed established goals
  • Provides training and coaching to all staff assigned to front-end cash collections
  • Identifies areas for improvement and implements plans/projects to customize workflows to enhance collections and improve patient satisfaction
  • Meets with other departments impacting collections and optimizes workflows to improve patient financial experiences

The impact of the onsite director is significant and typically yields a 100 percent increase in POS collections, sustainable improvements in patient and physician satisfaction, and reduced lobby wait times and no-show rates.

Guaranteed Results with the IntelliPass+ Approach

The IntelliPass+® solution is so consistently effective at increasing patient cash collections that we guarantee performance results with SLAs.

  • Increase in point-of-service cash collections by 125% six months from go-live
  • Increase in personalized bill estimate accuracy to greater than 95%
  • Reduction in no show and cancellation rates by 25%
  • Decrease in in-person registration encounter time reduced by 25%



Our training tools and guides include a template approach to everything from staff meeting agendas to patient conversation scripting, to patient letters and everything in between.  Through our continued investment in staff education, your staff will gain a greater sense of job satisfaction which will improve staff motivation towards their work, increase productivity, and reduce staff turnover.

Best Practice Guide

Our collective industry knowledge is housed online in our staff performance guide, The PlayBook. It provides staff with proven central business owner policies to guide department workflow redesign for optimal, sustainable results. Additionally, it provides a template approach to patient financial services, hospital industry, and MAP leading facilities best practices. The guide includes resources such as staff meeting agendas, patient letters, and patient conversation scripting.  


Our customized workflow design and continuous results monitoring is yet another example of what sets us apart. Our workflows are powered by our technology platform to deliver actionable insights from a single, central location. Registrars don’t have to go to multiple payor sites to verify insurance coverage. Instead, a real-time notification pop-up window allows your registrars to easily identify whether or not the patient has active insurance and any errors within the registration. 


Each hospital is provided daily and/or weekly reports that identify outstanding registration errors and unverified insurance during registration. Our reports go beyond standard reporting so you can easily track all productivity and performance including not only the collection amounts for each registrar, but also the amount each registrar should have collected.