IntelliPass System

Are you able to guarantee the results of your patient registration and collections process?  Meet the challenge of improving revenue results on the front-end by improving the patient financial experience and willingness to pay with accurate bill estimates, greater access to financing options, and personalized guidance through the healthcare financial maze.

Transform Your Front End Revenue Cycle

The PatientMatters IntelliPass® System is a patient-centered and comprehensive patient access solution built on a robust technology platform, onsite services, and proven best practices … perfect for your organization and achieve guaranteed results.



Creating a Normalized Registration Process

Tools, technology, and training for standardized patient financial assessment and onboarding with eligibility, identity and address verification, and propensity to pay.

Benefit of Our Approach:

Speed and accuracy of data eliminates redundant registration, and speeds patients to their clinical appointment.

  • RQA
  • Eligibility
  • Identity
  • Address
  • Propensity to Pay
  • Standard Report Package


Personalizing the Financial Experience for Each Patient

Adds accurate bill estimation, a broad range of payment options, patient and provider portals that result in increased patient satisfaction and collections.

Benefit of Our Approach:

Accurate estimates and patient specific payment options and plans lead to a higher willingness to pay the complete obligation.


Sustaining Guaranteed Results With a Proven Playbook for Success

Adds guaranteed ROI and SLAs, onsite service director, best practices playbook, workflow design and customization, training and certification programs, and deep-dive analytics.

The Benefit of Our Approach:

A proven process that leads to achieving better than industry KPIs and guaranteed revenue results.

  • Best Practice Playbook
  • Advanced Workflow Design
  • Employee Training + Coaching


Uninsured Patient Advocacy Program

The program connects uninsured patients to public medical benefit programs. We assist patients in accessing the care they need, and help providers reduce bad debt by recovering funds they would otherwise struggle to collect. Learn More

The Benefit of Our Approach:

Highly trained staff, no up front fees, and support for a wide range of programs lead to results that routinely exceed industry norms.

  • Professional Patient Advocacy
  • 3rd Party Eligibility
  • Onsite Screening
  • Multi-Lingual Service Center



Our IntellliPass+™ solution is so consistently effective at increasing patient cash collections that we guarantee performance results with SLAs.

High-Tech, High-Touch Approach
Transforms Patient Access

IntelliPass is an integrated pre-access solution that leverages technology with proven best practices, core workflow, training and onsite expertise to ensure results, and analytics to ensure a comprehensive patient onboarding and financial engagement function within an organization.

Seamless Integration

IntelliPass Platform supports all major healthcare data formats and APIs for seamless integration into internal and external data sources and systems to ensure that:

  • Staff are all working from a consistent view of patient financial information to educate patients and provide payment options based on their circumstances
  • Patients can trust the information they receive and make educated decisions about the financial aspects of their care for a more positive overall experience
  • Workflows are clean, fast and efficient, enhancing staff productivity and satisfaction, while giving patients a smooth and trusted financial experience.

Accelerated Results + Optimal Performance

Speed to patient experience and revenue is critical. To accelerate results, a dedicated PatientMatters team assists in designing and building workflows, data integration, and training programs to get healthcare organizations into production quickly. We then stay connected with on-going measurement and scheduled check-ins to continuously troubleshoot and fine tune for optimal performance.

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Guaranteed Results with the IntelliPass+ Approach

The IntelliPass+® solution is so consistently effective at increasing patient cash collections that we guarantee performance results with SLAs.

  • Increase in personalized bill estimate accuracy to greater than 95%
  • Reduction in no show and cancellation rates by 25%
  • Increase in point-of-service cash collections by 125% six months from go-live
  • Decrease in in-person registration encounter time reduced by 25%

Speed Patients Through Financial Journey


Our patient-friendly three-level system facilitates rapid patient movement through their healthcare journey:

  • No-Stop™ – Patients are fully pre-registered and cleared directly to clinical location
  • Quick-Stop™ – Patients are pre-registered but elect to pay in person
  • Full-Stop™ – Patients are unable or unwilling to participate and use a traditional registration and payment system at the point of service

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