IntelliGuide Advocacy Service

PatientMatters IntelliGuide® Services (formerly known as The MASH Program) helps healthcare organizations recover revenue at-risk as they treat uninsured patients. Since 1988, we have provided third-party eligibility and advocacy services nationwide to hospitals and health systems of all sizes, cancer treatment centers, physicians groups and long-term care centers.


Advocacy Solutions for Uninsured Patients

Our Advocacy service offers healthcare providers best-in-class revenue recovery results for uninsured and self-pay patients with:

  • Expert personal screening and evaluation for patient eligibility status and opportunities for public and 3rd party assistance programs
  • Seasoned public benefits advocates with agency and healthcare experience
  • Multiple layers of professional support for front-line advocates
  • Comprehensive, customizable, on-demand customer reports


A Whole New Level of Advocacy

PatientMatters never charges patients for its services and never refers patients to agencies to file on their own, never gives applications to patients to complete by themselves, and never gives patients an 800 number to call an agency without any assistance.

Experience With a Wide Range of Assistance Programs and Sources

Common State Programs

  • Medicaid, including undocumented adults with children
  • Aged, Blind, and Disabled
  • Families and Children with Limited Income
  • Medically Needy Children
  • Pregnant Women and Newborns
  • Non-US Citizens Needing Emergency Services (1011)
  • Breast/Cervical Cancer Program
  • Spenddown programs
  • Working Disabled 
  • QMB
  • Transitional Employment Assistance (TEA)
  • Aged and Disabled Medicaid for deceased
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • Health Insurance Exchange Assistance

National and Other Programs

  • Commercial Insurance Discovery
  • County/Parish Indigent Healthcare
  • Crime Victims
  • End-stage Renal Disease
  • Hospital charity care
  • Medicare
  • Native American Health Service
  • Prior Medicaid for SSI
  • Veterans Administration screening
  • Workers Compensation

Federal Program Success Rates


Over 50% of Initial Claims are Approved

IntelliGuide is successful in obtaining approvals at the initial claim level for over 50 percent of federal cases accepted and filed. This percentage compares favorably to the approximately 30 percent overall approvals nationally at the initial application level for all disability claims processed by the Social Security Administration.

Program Benefits

  • Reducing bad debt, charity care burden, and A/R days
  • Creating a revenue stream of reimbursements and increased DSH payments
  • Providing a free community service from your facility to your uninsured patients — giving them hope


We Win More Than 90% of Federal Cases

An additional success measure is out appeals results at the Office of Hearings and Appeals-Social Security Administration. Our trained hearings specialists represent clients through the entire process and win more than 90 percent of the cases we take to this level of appeal.

The Patient Experience Matters

PatientMatters’ advocates assist patients in every way possible, treating them with respect and kindness each step of the way by focusing on the mission of connecting uninsured patients to public medical benefits.

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