Sheila Schweitzer’s Story

Founder, Sheila Schweitzer’s Story

Shiela CEO“Change is the only constant” is a true statement and the changes in healthcare today are of a magnitude that is staggering. I have spent my 30+ year career in revenue cycle. Along with my many customers, I’ve experienced the on-set of managed care, DRGs, regulatory changes, and on and on…. It is true with change comes trials and tribulations.

My years of experience have given me the insight to recognize early on the looming problem around the growth of the patient receivable and its impact on the cash position and culture of a hospital/healthcare system. To manage change requires new thinking, new processes and new information. I founded PatientMatters to specifically assist hospitals/healthcare systems and patients to effectively maneuver through the changes in patient responsibility.

PatientMatters is a combination of knowledgeable people with new thinking, a unique patient-focused technology platform and an at risk business relationship that results in a win-win partnership with our healthcare systems. We are patient-centered and partner-focused. The company drives educational and engagement processes that transform the patient financial experience.