Our Clients

Our unique blend of healthcare revenue cycle and operational expertise, proven systems, and best practices enables our clients to consistently achieve results that exceed industry averages for key performance indicators.

Spotlight on Success

“Point-of-service cash collections are higher than ever and more patients are being connected to government programs because every patient’s journey is identified up front.” 

CFO, St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital

“PatientMatter’s eligibility program provided returns that exceeded our most aggressive estimates. Our hospital made many friends for life by connecting patients with a form of ongoing insurance coverage.”

CFO, Missouri Delta

“PatientMatters is instrumental in helping us improve patient relationships with an Advocacy Program to assist patients in securing financial coverage for health care. The result is in increased cash collections and improved patient satisfaction over handling of patient financial matters. Our Patient Advocate is praised for her professionalism and empathy, and we truly value our PatientMatters relationship as it has proven to be very beneficial to our community.”

Director of Revenue Cycle, Community Hospital, Eastern Region

“They have gone to the homes of patients who couldn’t visit with them. They will do whatever it takes to get these people eligible.”

White County Medical Center

“Our productivity has increased and our workflows have been streamlined since Patient Matters has been providing on-going education and training with our Admission Services staff. Having a dedicated on-site Director has been a tremendous asset to our organization and has been one of the primary reasons for our success.”

Business Office Director, RMC

“The most important thing is that the hospital has been able to provide this service that is of great value to the community.”

Business Office, Bozeman Deaconess

“We have partnered with PatientMatters through a community program called “Caring for Our Communities of Southwest Iowa”. They have been a vital component of the regional health delivery network and have provided essential assistance to patients who are underserved and vulnerable by providing leadership, cooperation and hands on engagement in connecting individuals to appropriate insurance resources and patient payment options that are available.“

Director Case Management, Methodist Jennie Edmundson
Our IntelliPass+™ solution is so consistently effective at increasing patient cash collections that we guarantee performance results with SLAs.