History of PatientMatters

The history of PatientMatters began with Sheila Schweitzer, envisioning a company that would help hospitals, sensitive to their communities, to prepare for the new patient-as-payer reality. In 2012, PatientMatters was incorporated and worked to acquire The MASH Program, Inc. (Medical Advocacy Services for Healthcare), an expert Medicaid eligibility company in business since 1988.

To ensure the pace required to get ahead of the new patient-as-payer trend, the PatientMatters team developed the Periscope platform. This technology was designed to give hospitals a single-source access to comprehensive patient financial intelligence, unlike anything else in the industry.

“The difference between the PatientMatters’ application and other technology-only offerings is that our People, Process and Technology approach was designed to be totally patient-centered,” said David Shelton, PatientMatters, COO.

PatientMatters will help hospital staff to achieve patient payer confidence through a combination of proven best practices, streamlined technologies and ongoing education/mentors provided through a zero upfront cost/risk sharing model which instantly improves the hospital financial position.

“We know that technology alone is unable to address the complex challenges associated with providing patients with a comprehensive Financial Care Plan.”

Shiela Schweitzer, CEO



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