The Birds Program for Employees

The Birds Program helps understand the communication style of each employee.

The Birds Program is used by PatientMatters as a self-assessment tool that identifies the strengths of each employee. The results are one or multiple bird types. These bird types represent a person’s communicative style with others. The program, developed by by Dr. Gary Couture, has given each team member a way to improve interpersonal relationships through acceptance of self and others.


Communication is Key

Sharon is an Operations Manager with PatientMatters. She has used the Birds Program as a tool to help connect more effectively with her team. She has identified each member with their specific bird type and uses that knowledge to communicate with each individual. It has helped her understand how everyone contributes to the group and gives her clues about how to entice those who may be more introverted. Using the Birds Program has been an overall positive experience for Sharon. As an eagle, the training has helped her soften her leadership style when working with doves, owls and peacocks and has taught her how to convey her thoughts in the right communicative style for each bird type. The bird identification has improved self-awareness by pinpointing personal strengths and challenges one may face according to bird type communication style.

Sharon shared an example of working with an onsite hospital advocate who was categorized as a dove. In the team members’ annual review, the advocate learned that her strengths were her compassion towards others which heightened patient satisfaction and her positive, easy communication style. While reviewing the bird type, the advocate realized that she could work to improve her assertiveness and find ways to communicate the level of confidence she knew she had.

Group dynamics are embraced with the Birds Program. It has allowed all of the groups to learn different methods of communicating with each other in a more effective and interesting way.