Employee Spotlight

PatientMatters has an employee recognition program that is awarded to team members who are nominated by their peers, customers and patients. The purpose of the program is to recognize and reward employees’ outstanding contributions in valuing the patient with “Excellence” by demonstrating the Company Values of PatientMatters.

The program uses the letters P.A.T.I.E.N.T to describe the examples of above and beyond normal job requirements while displaying one of more of the company values of Res”P”ect, “A”ccountability/Commitment, “T”eamwork, Prof”I”tability, “E”xcellence, I”N”tegrity and Cus”T”omer Focus.

Patient Awards

PATIENT Award Winners

Jessica in Marketing was nominated by the COO who nominated her for her social media marketing outreach and customer focus in all project work.

Tony in IT was nominated through a customer support email stating that he was always helpful and made the customer feel important even when she asked what she though what might have been a foolish question. He stuck with the issue and concentrated on it until the customer was 100% satisfied and the issue was completely resolved.

Alex in HR received her nomination from a co-worker who felt she had shouldered and enormous amount of stress due to additional responsibilities. During that time she was also asked to do some out of the ordinary things to help a fellow employee with a delicate personnel situation. She performed all additional tasks through to completion and helped the employee in a very professional, confidential manner.

Akeyla in The MASH Program was nominated by her manager after hospital administrators announced their appreciation. A patient was thought to have Veteran’s Administration coverage upon further investigation turned out to be self-pay. Akeyla worked with the patient’s wife to complete paperwork and even went to the home to complete an application for Medicaid. Akeyla worked with the social worker, nursing supervisors and hospital administrators to get eligibility for this patient. Her communication skills and follow-through were noted by all.

Kelly in The MASH Program was nominated by her manager after a call from the patient’s daughter. She was so impressed with Kelly’s professional manner even though she was unable to help. She said that Kelly directed them to the right department that could help. The daughter also stated that Kelly was the nicest, most polite person she had spoken to in a very long time and wanted her manager to know.

Michelle in The MASH Program was nominated by her manager after receiving a card from a patient. The card stated, “Because of good-hearted people like you, this world is a nicer place. I hope all the good you do comes back to you.” The patient felt he might be destitute and penniless after his hospital bills began piling up. Michelle stepped in and restored the patient’s financial security and dignity.