Human Resources

For a company to be successful it must have a Human Resources (HR) philosophy that all business functions participate in. The philosophy of PatientMatters for Human Resources Management is one of “setting a tone” for the company.

HR creates the environment within its “Values” structure that all other business functions incorporate in their day to day activities. This includes top management to every level of employee. We strive for excellence in our ability to create an inclusive, respectful and equitable environment for our employees through leadership, policies and practices.

One of the major ways Human Resources creates this type of environment is by encouraging employees to become and continue to be top performers.  A “Performance Management System” that embraces the company values as well as a reinforcing system in the form of “Values Recognition” supports the framework which is required for employees to know what they are working toward (job duties/responsibilities) and how they must work (behaviors) in order to excel.  By rewarding its top performers, a company creates an environment of competition, career growth and employment stability.

As an organization, PatientMatters believes in the importance of working and living according to strong ethical values. PatientMatters and its employees are committed to the highest standards of business conduct in all relationships. This commitment is the basis for the company’s Business Values- PATIENT: Res”P”ect, “A”ccountability, “T”eamwork. Prof”I”tability, “E”xcellence, I”N”tegrity and Cus”T”omer Focus.

Human Resources

Fostering a company culture that is committed to acknowledging and valuing employee differences and creating an environment in which every individual’s unique strengths and abilities are developed and valued. We also believe that if our employees mirror the diverse make-up of our communities and our customers, we will be able to better understand, and more effectively respond to, market changes.

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