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PatientMatters is all in when it comes to Patient Access

March 31, 2019

by Cynthia Eden, Executive Director, Advocacy Services

As we celebrate Patient Access Week, we can’t help but think about the vital role Patient Access Professionals play across the healthcare continuum. It was 37 years ago this week that the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) was founded.

As a national organization, NAHAM is dedicated to promoting excellence within the patient access field. It is this week each year we have the opportunity to show our appreciation for those professionals who tirelessly work to create a positive experience for patients, beginning at the very start of their healthcare journey.

Helping patient access to thrive
The role of a patient access professional is ever evolving and growing in importance. Although, the patient access department has always been integral to the hospitals’ mission, it has become increasingly so due to additional financial responsibility falling to the patient.
As the insurance market shifts toward high-deductible health plans, patients are taking on an ever-increasing portion of their overall healthcare bill, resulting in the need for patient access professionals to be even more adept at addressing the financial side of care with the patients they serve. This is just one area where PatientMatters excels at supporting the expanded role of patient access professionals.

In a recent Becker’s Hospital CFO Report, PatientMatters CEO David Shelton explained, “When it comes to financial responsibility, each patient is different. Some patients have the ability to settle their bill at the point of service (POS), some may need an extended payment time frame, others will never be able to pay, and there are still others that recognize registering and settling their responsibility before POS is a plus that actually reduces financial anxiety. Offering customized payment options based on each patient’s unique circumstances not only greatly increases the provider’s chances of collecting, it improves the patient experience and leads to higher satisfaction and future revenue.”

PatientMatters’ IntelliPass® system empowers patient access professionals with the personalized patient information they need to continue to go above and beyond when it comes to the patient financial experience. Our user-friendly technology enhances one-on-one interactions between registration staff and patients. Our on-site peer support enables us to work alongside hospital registration teams to educate patient conversations that improve patient satisfaction as well as increase upfront collections. Registration teams are able to incorporate critical moments of truth throughout the patient access journey that not only builds trust with patients but also increases job satisfaction. Patient access professionals are refreshed and reinvigorated as they know they’ve made a positive impact on the lives of the patients they serve.

Join in the celebration!
PatientMatters’ celebrates the highly skilled and caring individuals who, as NAHAM so eloquently states, are setting the high standard of care serving as goodwill ambassadors to shape the future of patient access.

To learn more about how PatientMatters will empower your patient access staff, please continue here.