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Our Healthcare Quality Story, a Q&A

November 2, 2018

By: Cynthia Eden, Executive Director Advocacy Services

This week we celebrated Healthcare Quality Week, a week dedicated to honoring and recognizing the contributions of professionals who improve healthcare quality across the country. We want to celebrate the event by sharing one aspect of our healthcare quality story and by acknowledging the work our team does throughout the year to move the healthcare quality needle forward.

The following questions are provided by the Healthcare Quality Week website, with the goal of getting organizations and individuals to share their healthcare quality stories:

Question: What is most meaningful about the healthcare quality work we do?

Answer: For many patients, the financial side of healthcare can be the most confusing, frustrating and stressful aspect of their care. PatientMatters is transforming the financial experience of care one patient at a time, helping hospitals provide a financial experience every bit as compassionate and professional as their clinical care. We began as a patient advocacy company, and since 1989 we have focused on helping patients manage the financial burden associated with their care. Our solutions and services create positive patient experiences with accurate bill estimation, personalized payment plans and financial guidance that is unique for every patient – all handled prior to the patient visit so that financial responsibilities are clearly understood, and uncertainty is eliminated.

Question: Please tell us about an initiative you're especially proud of.

Answer: Through the PatientMatters IntelliGuide® solution, we help hospitals and health systems in underserved populations provide advocacy services for uninsured or underinsured patients by connecting them with public medical support programs and financial assistance. We act as financial advocates for patients throughout their care journey, and we never charge patients for our services, refer patients to other agencies, or give applications to patients to complete by themselves. In turn, we enable hospitals and health systems to continue to provide their communities with the best quality care by creating a revenue stream of reimbursements, and reducing bad debt by recovering funds they would otherwise fail to collect.

By enabling providers to treat uninsured and underinsured patients without the fear of losing revenue, the IntelliGuide patient advocacy solution has improved healthcare quality by helping patients access the care they desperately need.

Question: I am proud to be a healthcare quality professional because…

Here at PatientMatters, we are proud to have a team of amazing healthcare quality professionals, because we believe no patient should ever be denied healthcare treatment due to their financial status.

Our advocates assist patients in every way possible, treating them with respect and kindness each step of the way by focusing on the mission of connecting uninsured patients to public medical benefits. Ultimately, as an organization we are proud to be playing a positive role in uniting the clinical and financial experiences to create overall better care for patients across the country.

To learn more about Healthcare Quality week and how you can share your healthcare quality story, visit the National Association for Healthcare quality website, and for more information on the PatientMatters IntelliGuide patient advocacy solution, please visit our solutions page.