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PatientMatters is all in when it comes to Patient Access

March 31, 2019

by Cynthia Eden, Executive Director, Advocacy Services

As we celebrate Patient Access Week, we can’t help but think about the vital role Patient Access Professionals play across the healthcare continuum. It was 37 years ago this week that the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) was founded.

How to ensure your healthcare partner is serious about data security

November 19, 2018
Is the issue of data security keeping you up at night? An important step to protecting your organization’s healthcare data is the selection of a healthcare partner that takes data security as seriously – if not more so than your team. At PatientMatters, patient data security is our top priority. It is critical our clients understand our firm commitment to security and trust in our ability to manage data with integrity and effectiveness.

Unity Health Selects our IntelliPass+ System to Improve Patient-Centered Registration Process

November 5, 2018

We are excited to announce the news that Unity Health has selected our IntelliPass+ System to enable a more patient-friendly, efficient, and productive registration process across its three hospital locations. This leading, multi-county Arkansas health system, will implement our system for personalized patient financial services offerings and streamlined registration, which will improve the entire patient-centered registration process. IntelliPass+ is a platform that provides accurate bill estimations, broader payment plans and options and personalized financial guidance that’s unique for every patient, all handled prior to care.

Our Healthcare Quality Story, a Q&A

November 2, 2018
This week we celebrated Healthcare Quality Week, a week dedicated to honoring and recognizing the contributions of professionals who improve healthcare quality across the country. We want to celebrate the event by sharing one aspect of our healthcare quality story and by acknowledging the work our team does throughout the year to move the healthcare quality needle forward.

Becker's Hospital "RCM tip of the day" from PatientMatters

October 8, 2018

In September, Becker’s Hospital CFO Report’s daily column, “RCM tip of the day,” featured our CEO, David Shelton’s expertise on how customized payment plans can help hospitals and health systems maximize collections.

Why the U.S. is Number One in Healthcare Administrative Costs

September 13, 2018

The Journal of the American Medical Association recently compared healthcare spending in western countries, including the United States, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Canada, and found that the U.S. spends approximately twice as much as any of these industrialized countries on medical care. While there are many factors that impact the price tag of a medical bill, a large portion of our health system spending is a result of one area we don’t often consider: administration costs.


PODCAST: Benefits of Customized Patient Payment Plans in Rural Areas

August 31, 2018

Our Executive Director of Client Services, Marcia Leighton, was invited to sit down with RosettaHealth for a podcast interview to discuss the innovative approach that PatientMatters uses to personalize patient payment plans that benefit both healthcare organizations and patients alike, and why it’s particularly beneficial for rural communities and hospitals.

3 Things Your Patient Bill Estimation Tool Should Give You

August 10, 2018

As an industry, we are beginning to really recognize and value the need to inform our patients of their out of pocket expense before their services, and eliminate any “sticker shock” the patient might feel at time of registration or once they receive their statement. We see that when we generate and communicate accurate out of pocket expenses and work to secure agreeable payment arrangements before their service, that our patient collections increase and back end vendor costs decrease. This swing in revenue opportunities is placing a premium on accurate bill estimation tools.