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The MASH Program

Since 1988, Medical Advocacy Services for Healthcare, Inc. (The MASH Program) has provided third-party eligibility and advocacy services nationwide to hospitals and health systems of all sizes, cancer treatment centers, physicians groups and long-term care centers. The program offers healthcare providers best-in-class eligibility solutions through:

  • Highly sophisticated technology
  • Seasoned public benefits advocates with agency and healthcare experience
  • Multiple layers of professional support for front-line advocates
  • Comprehensive, customizable, on-demand customer reports

MASH never charges patients for its services – and unlike many eligibility companies – never refers patients to agencies to file on their own, never gives applications to patients to complete by themselves and never gives patients an 800 number to call an agency without any assistance.

“One of the key differentiators between MASH and its many competitors is this active advocacy in which we take the burden of application processing out of the patient’s hands.” David Shelton, PatientMatters – Chief Operating Officer

The Patient Experience Matters

  • MASH advocates work to assist patients in every way possible, treating patients with respect and kindness and holding their hands each step of the way – all the way through the appeals process if necessary.
  • Balancing the strength of people and processes, the program has focused on the mission of connecting uninsured patients to public medical benefits, such as Medicaid and Social Security Disability, helping hospitals to recover funds for the care of eligible patients.

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