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When hospitals give patients a financial experience they can trust and the options they need, everyone wins.  

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Empower Your Patients ... and Providers

Patients are responsible for a larger portion of their healthcare costs than ever before, and hospitals are struggling to win customer loyalty in competitive markets and collect cash balances faster and more reliably. PatientMatters is transforming the financial experience of care one patient at a time, helping hospitals provide a financial experience every bit as compassionate and professional as their clinical care.

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A Whole New Level of Advocacy

We began as a patient advocacy company, and since 1989 we have focused on helping patients manage the financial burden associated with their care. Today, we still advocate for patients, but we have built on that legacy with cutting-edge tools, hands-on training, and in-depth process redesign and coaching to help hospitals take their patient financial responsibility and advocacy capabilities to a whole new level. 


Best Practices, Processes and Workflow

By focusing on enhancing the patient’s financial experience, we improve both the overall experience of care and the financial performance of our provider organization clients.  Based on our deep experience, we have developed the best practices, processes and workflow automation tools to treat every patient as a unique individual, provide them with a personalized set of financial solutions, and enable them to meet their financial responsibility in a fair and manageable manner.


Ensuring Every Patient is a Satisfied Customer

With unmatched expertise and a comprehensive set of patient payment and advocacy solutions, we help ensure that every patient is a satisfied customer and that providers are appropriately compensated for the care they provide.


Tools, training, process design, automation and coaching to help hospitals offer personalized financial solutions to help each patient meet their responsibility in a fair, transparent and manageable manner.

Our IntelliPass+™ solution is so consistently effective at increasing patient cash collections that we guarantee performance results with SLAs.