About PatientMatters

PatientMatters provides the first, all-inclusive patient receivables solution with a shared commitment of Every Patient, Every Option.™ Each hospital is provided with the tools, training and insight to increase patient cash, lower bad debt and improve the patient-to-hospital relationship.

Unique Situations, Require Unique Solutions

The hospital’s newest payer, the patient, creates a unique opportunity and conundrum for hospital staff. Patients get frustrated with complicated policies, insurance coverage details and their financial obligations. Ill-equipped hospital staff ask for money without relevant patient estimates, insurance training and patient payment options. Without these solutions, the hospital is less likely to collect money owed at the time of service.

“Hospitals have been dealing with self-pay for some time, but not in the volume or dollars we are seeing now,” said Sheila Schweitzer, Founder, PatientMatters. “The cash at stake is substantial and much harder to collect than it is from a third party payer.”

Our unique patient-centered approach gives hospital access teams a single source for training, access to technology and comprehensive patient financial intelligence with zero up-front costs.