Increase ED POS Collections

PatientMatters changes the paradigm with a financial care plan, an effective, customer-oriented financial experience and increased cash.

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Patients will:

• understand their health plan coverage.
• be prepared for their financial responsibilities upon arrival.
• have options for resolving their financial obligations.
• be screened for financial assistance before treatment.
• choose text, email or mail for hospital financial communications.
• recognize the hospital's financial role within the community.
• view their hospital bill with a higher level of importance.

Hospital staff will:

• have comfortable conversations and increase patient satisfaction.
• gain superior visibility into operational performance.
• become insightful about patient self-pay balances.
• have dedicated support to sustain this cultural change.
• increase point of service cash collection by up to 20%.

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"PatientMatters is a combination of knowledgeable people with new thinking, a unique patient-focused technology platform and an at risk business relationship that results in a win-win partnership with our healthcare systems." Sheila Schweitzer, CEO for PatientMatters
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What Our Partners Said

“Working together I’m confident we will achieve the cultural change and educational experience both our staff and patients want and deserve."

Tom Gibney Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer - Saint Luke's Cornwall Hospital

"… PatientMatters is the best solution for us. The people and the processes they bring fit with our people, our culture and will help us better serve our patients."

Steve Gilgen Chief Financial Officer - Murphy Medical Center
"PatientMatters engaged us with a platform that seemed almost too good to be true." Lisa Simon, CFO for Ohio Valley Medical Center East Ohio Regional Hospital
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