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Because the financial experience of care is just as important

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Because the Patient Matters

PatientMatters transforms traditional patient access and onboarding into a positive and personalized patient financial experience. This approach to the critical first step in the revenue cycle enables healthcare organizations to offer patients the financial options and compassionate advocacy that they deserve.


Two Different Patient Experiences

Does your organization have two different patient experiences – one for clinical, and one that is registration and financial? For many patients, the financial side of healthcare can be the most confusing, frustrating and stressful aspect of their care. Hospitals and health systems want to do better for their patients, their brands and their bottom lines, but change is hard.


Transforming the Patient Financial Experience

Our IntelliPass® Systems unifies disparate registration, bill estimation and financial services to deliver personalized offerings and guidance per patient. With our technologies, best practices, and trained staff, healthcare organizations are now able to transform patient onboarding into a high-performance engagement and revenue team.

The IntelliPass® System

With IntelliPass, hospitals deliver consumer-friendly registration and patient financial services that reduce the stress of care, drive brand loyalty rather than erode and improve and accelerate cash collections.  


  • Improve registration quality and speed
  • Generate dependable bill estimations
  • Provide patient-unique payment options and plans
  • Increase and accelerate front-end cash collections
  • Reduce lobby wait times and appointment no-shows
  • Advocate for uninsured patients to help them secure public program financial support 
  • Sustain and generate guaranteed results with proven best practices and SLAs
  • Capture actionable data to understand operational efficiency for sustainable improvement

IntelliPass® Platform

transforms the front end of the revenue cycle

IntelliPass is an integrated pre-access solution that leverages technology with proven best practices, core workflow, training and onsite expertise to ensure results, and analytics to ensure a comprehensive patient onboarding and financial engagement function within an organization.

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Uninsured patient advocacy program

The program connects uninsured patients to public medical benefit programs. We advocate for patients throughout the process so they can access the care they need, and help providers reduce bad debt by recovering funds they would otherwise fail to collect.

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Our IntelliPass+® solution is so consistently effective at increasing patient cash collections that we guarantee performance results with SLAs.